When I was young,
I wanted to be a writer, but had nothing to say.
I no longer
have that problem.
Chris Spitale, Screenwriter

Samuel C. Spitale is an L.A.-based

writer, by way of the other La (Louisiana).


He is a screenwriter, once referred to as

"the next Harold Ramis"; he is a storyteller,

recently winning a Moth Story Slam; and

he is a journalist, with two degrees in


You can find his writing online at The Huffington Post, Advocate.com, Geek, IO9, and ItGetsWorseBlog.com, and in print in The Star Wars Insider and ToyFare magazine.

He started his blog Science & Snark because there's never been a greater need to separate truth from the cacophony of corporate interests. An avid reader, his writing is based in reality, grounded in science, and supported by data - from myth busting political lies to debunking propaganda and marketing tactics masquerading as news. 

He is also working on a manuscript, a board game, and a class proposal on how to differentiate between news and noise.

He is a member of American Mensa, a panelist at San Diego Comic-Con, and a former LSU Mardi Gras King.


After years of making fun of the gluten-free

food trend, he's now gluten intolerant and

has little appreciation for irony.

He is most recognized from his personalized

action figure’s cameo on Robot Chicken,

where it had a speaking part but unfortunately

wasn’t SAG eligible.

Samuel C. Spitale is available for freelance writing opportunities, including screenwriting, copywriting, journalism, and even editing. You may contact him here.