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The Truth About... is an ongoing video series that digs into some of today's most talked-about topics to reveal the truth behind all the talk.

Inspired by the book How to Win the War on Truth, this educational video series takes a deep dive into an array of topics that affect our lives, both in the checkout line and the voting booth. 

Each episode of The Truth About… will set the record straight on the day’s most pressing issues—as well as persistent myths from yesteryear—and debunk some of the misinformation that surrounds each issue.

At a time when an alarming number of Americans believe things that are verifiably untrue, and falsehoods spew nonstop from cable news, talk radio, and social media, The Truth About… will clear up the confusion and help listeners see the world with clear eyes.

"States' Rights"

Hitler, Trump, & Godwin's Law

Voter Fraud

Climate Change

Left & Right



Written by Samuel C. Spitale



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